Hullo thar, everyone!

I’ve been racking my brains for the last few minutes desperately trying to come up with a post to accompany today’s page but, sadly, nothing of any real consequence or import is forthcoming.

So I’m just gonna let this one go, informally, uncelebrated, as I sit here basking in the glow of my fan-heater (it’s still a bit chilly here). I’ve been preparing all day for something I’ve got to do tomorrow, and now I think I’ve earned the… I’m not sure if it even has a name. One part orange juice, two parts cloudy lemonade, a dash of grenadine syrup. It’s quite pleasant to drink and to look at. Kinda likeΒ  a non-alcoholic tequila sunrise.

It’s not often I get genuinely relaxing moments; normally I’m rushing around, trying to fit in as much art before I fall asleep again, but this time, I think some quiet downtime is definitely called for. I’ve worked hard this weekend, and I’ve gotten everything I wanted to get done, done. Now, it’s just me time!

Hmm… Maybe I’ll get back into playing Monster Hunter… Good game, that. No real mission or story pressures. Or maybe Animal Crossing…

Keep it chilled, everybody! I’ll see you again on Friday, when hopefully I’ll have something of more substance to say πŸ˜›