Hooray, it’s almost Halloween! I hope you’ll all be doing something fun for it – I’m planning on some Halloween-themed RPG fun this Saturday myself. My players will be treated to a classic Gothic Horror adventure – Answering a mysterious invitation from a friend near forgotten, our intrepid party approaches his imposing castle high upon the cliffsides. There is nobody present to greet them, and the coachman cannot be bribed to stay a little longer, making good his retreat back to the town nestled snugly in the valley below. The entrance hall, grandiose and finely carved from granite, echoes with their footsteps and the faint sounds of organ music from elsewhere. None of the heavy oaken doors will open – the cogs of the castle’s unique waterwheel system are not turning. Dare they venture down into the basement to set the wheel turning once more, and kick off an adventure filled with madness, obsession, and fear?

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing this Saturday. What’ll you guys be up to? 😀