I’ve been a busy bee as of recent! What with developing the new style for Elf Blood (Which I’m enjoying and feel is working quite well!) and re-lettering Memecasters, I’ve been working on preparing my first project of next year, a horror-thriller named Lemon Candies that provides a violent, supernatural allegory for drug addiction. It’s going to be good, and even better since it’ll gain the benefits of my recent developments! I’ve also been doing some brainstorming for one of my 2013 projects, an action-comedy titled HumnE-B (Pronounced Honeybee), and produced my first character design for it on Tuesday.

Since I’ve got quite a lot going on, I’ve been contemplating taking the advice of one of the panellists from last weekend’s Thought Bubble and starting up a general creativity blog to keep readers abreast of what I’m up to as the ideas come to me! It’ll give me a chance to revamp one of my old projects that, sadly, fell by the wayside. More details later!

If you’re interested in seeing some of the practice work I’ve been doing to develop the new style, you can check out the Elf Blood Facebook page. There’s one page up just now, but I’ll put up a couple more later on. Or if you’re just generally interested in what I’m up to , you can subscribe to my Twitter feed @ChrisLauManson ! Now with 20% less incoherent babble.

Anyway, hope you’re enjoying the changes to Elf Blood’s style. I quite like the new shading scheme in particular: I think it darkens the comic without sacrificing any clarity, but I’m always keen to hear what you guys think!

Catch you all later!