Welp, the vote has come and gone, and we lost.

It’s been a rollercoaster weekend, with punch after punch after punch for the Yes campaign.

First, we lose the referendum.

Then, Alex Salmond announces that he’s stepping down.

Then, the dilution and reneging on promises of more powers for Scotland has begun. Although in fairness, that was happening in the backbenches of Westminster long before referendum day.

Then, the combined forces of the Orangemen and the Scottish Defence League (most decidedly not representative of my friends who voted No, who will express the same disgust in this matter as I do) decide to be utter pricks, attack a group of Yes supporters, target anyone wearing Yes colours in the street, and generally cause havoc and mayhem in the streets of Glasgow.

Then, the news outlets reported this as ‘minor tensions between rival groups’ until footage posted online proved comprehensively otherwise.

What have we done in response?

We’re rallying. Our job is nowhere near done. Wings still exists. National Collective still exists. Thousands of disaffected and disappointed voters have flocked to join the SNP, the Greens, the SSP, in disgust at the way the vote went. A foodbank donation point was set up where the Yes supporters were attacked in George Square, to show to the world that we’re not afraid of base thuggery. The main Yes parties are talking cooperation and coalition, united to hold Westminster accountable. Labour for Independence look like they may in fact split from the main Labour movement, uncomfortable with returning to the party they view as having strayed from their roots.

Defeat is temporary. Belief is strong. And I’m sure we’ll pick up those who genuinely want change, those who formerly stood on the other side from us, to bring this about.

Politics in Scotland, in the UK, will be normal no longer. This is just the beginning of the change.

Westminster must take heed.