So, following the minor lead that Yes garnered at the weekend, the heavy-hitters have come up from London. Denying that they are panicking, they cancelled their appearance at Prime Minister’s Questions, informing the Speaker of the House only a day before, despite it being a well-planned long-awaited and well-advertised trip, and travelled up to Scotland to walk among the people.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband, and for some reason John Prescott are here to push the case for the union. But they’re not offering new things to encourage us to stay, because that would be in breach of regulations. No, instead they’re offering things that they’ve been saying all along, you’ve just not been listening to them telling you about them before, that’s why they sound so new! And even then, it’s not the UK Government that’s offering it, it’s the pro-union parties – they’re not subject to purdah!

Let’s face it. I’m not keen on Westminster politics, and I could do an entire article on their broken campaign pledges, their attacks on education and those in need, or their unfathomable cronyism.

Instead, I want to talk positive. Independence is our best opportunity to sort these social problems out. By parting ways with Westminster, Scotland will be able to divert funding away from the nuclear monstrosities lurking in the waters of the Clyde and instead continue to offer world-class education, free for all – including English students, if we remain in the EU!

With total freedom to allocate our budget, we can make sure that our citizens receive the help that they need, and real, proper action to get them into the workforce. We don’t simply want to manipulate figures like the workfare programme – We want to equip people with the skills to survive and thrive, and to make sure that they are given the means to achieve a decent standard of living. We want to give them hope for the future, so that they may be motivated to improve themselves, the lives of their families, and their communities.

Scotland can achieve peaceful democracy, and we can be a shining beacon to everyone around the world. Whether you are part of a long-established party, those who are downtrodden and forgotten, or those who have become disillusioned with the corruption and complacency of modern politics – Independence will show that the power still truly lies with the people, and that through discourse and debate we can get people to care about the fate of their country again. Governments around the world will have to sit up and pay attention again to those clamouring for change, and not simply assume that they will go away if they are ignored for long enough.

There will be difficult times ahead, of course – If we achieve independence next Thursday, it will begin a period of uncertainty and turmoil. Some are saying that this is reason enough to abandon the concept – these people cannot, or will not see the long game. Any sea change in society is always accompanied by a period of settling. It’s simply the way large systems work. What we CAN do to mitigate this is to work closely with our own people, and with the government of the rest of the UK to agree a mutually beneficial plan.

Far from sending everyone into an economic wasteland, independence will be an opportunity for entrepreneurs and adventurous venture capitalists to seize with both hands – if they’re capable of surviving in a socially-conscious market. Where the fearful leave gaps, those with a keen mind (of whom the Scots historically and presently have a great many) will lap up the opportunities. Trade will continue between Scotland and England, and increased consumer activity will boost retail, trade, and manufacturing.

A bright future is on the horizon for Scotland. Let’s not be taken in by the last-ditch attempts by Westminster to cling to an ancient and rusting claim.

Let’s build a better Scotland. A Scotland that stands on its own two feet. A Scotland that forges its own way in the world. A Scotland that encourages education, tolerance, and political accountability.

Let’s vote Yes.