Well chums, today’s the day.

By the time you read this, two important things will have happened.

1 – The webhost will have upgraded the MySQL server successfully, and without incident. Big sigh of relief there!

2 – We’ll know if Scotland has won its independence.

I may post something up later, when I’m awake and I see the news. I may not. You all know my stance on this, and you’ve seen arguments put up for the other side by my good pal Red9.

Whatever way this falls, whatever happens – We’ve lit a fire under Scotland, politically. People have been engaged and passionate about this unlike anything I’ve seen in my own voting career. We need to keep this passion and interest up.

Whatever the result is, we should band together, both sides, and hold whichever set of politicians represents us responsible for delivering results to us, results that we need and want. We should band together, to remind them that they do not rule us – they are public servants, elected to represent us.

Government here has gotten too used to the idea that they are the ones who hold the power.

With this referendum, both Yes and No have proved that we’ve got what it takes, as a nation, as a group of people, to get involved, to get caring, to get angry.

Westminster should be looking uncomfortable right about now.

The will of the people is coming back.


P.s. At some point I’m going to tell you a hilarious story about Red9 and his legendary map-reading skills. But I’m desperate to get this change committed before the cutoff period at midnight, so it’ll survive the database upgrade and migration!