I was going to do an in-depth artistic analysis on a recent website that came to my attention, but as flat inspection is coming up and I’ve been attempting to clean up this dump and illustrate all day, I’ve not been able to prepare one. So here, have a few of my impending ideas for new creative work instead:

Coming soon:

‘i.’: A story about a supernatural serial-killer and his relationship with a successful author. Includes plenty of mindscrews and plenty of futility, despair and frustration.

‘Humn-E b’: (Pronounced ‘Honeybee’) A post-cyberpunk action romp following a pharmaceutically enhanced security officer as she protects an obnoxious politician en-route to pass a controversial bill that could boost the capacities of the human race, while alienating hundreds of thousands of people ineligible for the upgrades. Includes a web of deceit and a delightfully mentally-unstable artificial girl-soldier.

Memecasters #2: The ‘Fame Problem’ rears its ugly head as people across campus suddenly develop bad reputations. It’s up to the crew to find out who’s behind this, and what possible motivation they could have to defame such a wide range of otherwise unconnected people.

Mei-Wu #1: A group of young fox-spirits receive their first operation; A spirit of lucre has taken up residence on Lantau island near Hong Kong, and they have been tasked with removing the creature before it can defile the Tian Tan Buddha- If it’s not too late already!

Shibboleth: An intelligence officer, tasked with detecting infiltrators using remote-controlled ‘golem’ replica bodies, uncovers corruption and sinister power plays in and out of his own department, and must learn to cast aside everything he has been taught in order to survive.

Of course, these will take me a good three years to get done, and I’ve only done cursory work on most of them, but dammit if I’ve not had fun so far! I’m looking forward to starting on Memecasters #2, and to working on Mei-Wu, even if only because they’re a bit shorter than the other graphic novels!

Anyway, bedtime, and the start of my proper job tomorrow. Woop! I’m no longer a graduate, I’m actually contributing to the main workforce now 😛 Next career aim: Professional creator!