Hullo everybody, I’m afraid today’s post will be relatively short, but unforunately my head is kind of trying to negotiate its way inside myself, so I should probably not be sat this late at night typing!

Today’s Dutch comes courtesy of a kind-hearted colleague, so hopefully it’ll avert my usual ham-fisted (but always well-meaning!) efforts with three different mechanical translators and Wikipedia 😛

I’ve managed to work up a buffer of artwork, which means that tomorrow is actually the first day I get to work on a piece of art for the Mei Wu mini-arc! I’m incredibly excited about doing this, for many reasons: It’s a chance to show you one of my other story universes, a chance for me to produce something for print, and just a nice bit of a change of pace for everyone, really!

Plus, now that I’ve had a bit of time to refresh my brain by writing the Mei Wu script, I’ve got plenty of drive to write the next Elf Blood arc script. It’s going to be a fun one, with plenty of asskicking action and a few old friends to boot!

Right, painkillers and bed, I suspect, and I’ll see you all again on Friday!



P.S. Don’t forget we’ve got an IRC channel now! #elfblood on slashnet, I’m trying to idle in there as much as I can, so pop in and say hi if you can!