Remember that article I illustrated on domestic abuse in refugee populations?

Well, it won an award! 😀 My most heartfelt congratulations to the journalists who wrote the hard-hitting and much-needed articles, Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, Lyra McKee, and Karin Goodwin. The judge who presented the award was even kind enough to mention the illustrations, citing how they preserved the anonymity of the women who were brave enough to allow their stories to be told in the article, while preserving the core of their humanity. I’d like to thank and congratulate also the editors from the Ferret, Billy Briggs and Rachel Hamada, whose continuing work in the field of investigative journalism in and out of Scotland is going to prove vital in the near future to combat institutional spin and untruths.

Words can’t express how happy I am to have contributed to this article, and how thrilled and honoured I was to be asked to participate in the award ceremony. The Ferret is doing excellent work, and it definitely helps the field of fact-based journalism if you subscribe to them!

Anyways, I’d best scuttle off, now. ‘Til Monday, people! Cheerio!