Sometimes, between work and illustration, it can all pile up and get a bit stressful. You might begin to question your resolve, your ability, and your desires to do any of your things, even those tha give you most joy.

Most would argue that such a state is not desireable. And yes, I suppose it’s not healthy to permanently exist like that; but you know what? It makes weekends like this weekend so much better. It’s making the sweet even sweeter, the enjoyable more fun. It makes you appreciate the good things.

Dinner with friends, the new Avengers film, reliving my childhood by rewatching Garfield & Friends, payday, trip to the mall, new rug, maybe a new game, playing games with friends, drawing, baking a cake, wandering into town, some new illustration style tests, doing a bit of editing on one of the most challenging writing tasks I’ve ever undertaken… I’m so looking forward to this.

And hey, I might not get as much of a lie-in as I normally do, but I can always catch a nap on the bus home if it gets to the stop on time!

I might even nip into Chinatown tomorrow. I have a craving for Yau Ja Gwai… But yes, the main message to take away from this (unusually positive) edition of the rant is that even when you shy away from society at large like I do, you can really enjoy life when the opportunity comes around! So go ahead, share what you’re looking forward to most about your weekend! Go out and have fun, relax a bit, and enter the week ahead with a fresh attitude to meet all the challenges you’ll face!