Hey guys! Well, it’s Monday, it’s a bank holiday in Canada, but not for us, as we’re from the UK and so we must work in an abandoned building!

Anyway, in lieu of a Mei Wu page today, here’s a concept I’ve come up with for one of the Hot Vinyl stickers. I wanted a character who could be a bit tomboyish,¬†an attractive female figure who could take on a role traditionally associated with masculinity without becoming overly sexualised or fetishized. So was born Socket Wrench Molly.

How does this one sit with you? Is it a cool enough concept? Could you see it going on the side of somebody’s toolbox or on a skateboard or something, regardless of gender or orientation? Does it attract and empower in equal measure, or is it skewed more one way or the other? Is it something you’d be happy to display in public?

If people like this design, I’ll likely rework the pencils before committing it to inking and colours.

Catch you again on Friday folks, with another Hot Vinyl design!

M, eh?