Got a week off, woo! Was originally going to head up to Fort William, until somebody pointed out that it would be rammed with Easter holidaymakers. So I’ve decided to spend it at home, which is also nice!

On my list to get done this week:

  • Finish my commission for The Ferret, Scotland’s Investigative Journalism Platform.
  • Complete one lesson of Mandarin a day on Rosetta Stone (I’m actually doing pretty well with this, which is IMMENSELY satisfying. I’m hoping to turn it into Cantonese, someday.
  • Get out for a walk every day.
  • Dig a border for shrubs and plants in my back garden.
  • Get a haircut (keep length, just get it tidied)
  • Do some painting – acrylic and watercolour
  • Learn how to use my FM Synthesiser (For home-made dubstep!)
  • Make a malt loaf
  • Round off some short stories that have been sitting incomplete

Let’s see how much of this I can get done, eh? 😛