Hola mes amigos y amigas! Sorry today’s page was a wee bit late, I must’ve fallen asleep at some point just before finishing it… Such is the life of the artist by night, I’m afraid.

Well, it’s another holiday week, so as is tradition, here is a list of things for me to fail at!

  • MAIN QUEST: Complete my commission to draw and paint a friend’s daughter for her Christmas present.
  • MAIN QUEST: Tidy up this pig-sty.
  • MAIN QUEST: Complete at least one page of the Horror Buffet anthology. Bonus points if I can complete it!
  • SIDE QUEST: Replicate my delicious keema madras recipe. Seriously, it was… So damn tasty.
  • SIDE QUEST: Make some onigiri – Chicken and black bean, chilli prawn mayo, salt salmon.
  • SIDE QUEST: Get some Christmas shopping done.
  • FACTION QUEST: Record a Let’s Play of Manuel Samuel for The Gallus Geeks.
  • FACTION QUEST: Hold a Livestream of The Long Dark for The Gallus Geeks.

Welp, better get started! See you all again on Friday!