Welp, it’s nearing the end of my holiday – what have I achieved that I set out to do?

– Tidy Up the House: Completed! Although another mini-tidy at the end of the week wouldn’t go amiss…

– Dye My Hair: Completed! Although I chickened out of bleaching it before applying the purple, so I’m just a very dark violet right now…

– Finish off my Ink Drawing: Completed! The ink wash came out really nicely, actually. I’ll need to get a good quality photo of it and share it with you guys.

– Get to G-Rank in Monster Hunter 4: Nope! As it turns out, it’s REALLY difficult to find quality players just before G-Rank. I’m talking about mismatched armour sets up the wazoo, high-risk stratagies, and a whole lotta carting. On the plus side, I eventually got bored and built a hunting horn, and went to help some low-level peeps get to HR 5. Still, might hammer it this evening after I finish doing some Twitch artwork (keep your eyes peeled for that, by the way).

– Do the notes for Bonnie Words and begin redraft: Not yet, that’s one of tonight’s tasks.

– Finish off some Short Story redrafts: No, but I did get the structure for a new novel idea down. Which I should probably push to the back of the queue in order to, y’know, get someting finished and out the door…

Anyway, there’s still all day Friday left to enjoy! I’m really hoping I get to go miniature golfing, though… I’ve never been before, and it sounds novel enough to be entertaining!

See you all on Monday, for the next instalment of Elf Blood: Alfheim!