Hullo all you fabulous people! Hope you’re all weathering the storms reasonably well wherever you are (if, indeed, you are having storms). It’s been pretty hefty weather over this way the last few days. Hell, travelling back from Manchester yesterday I could feel the train swaying from side to side under the force of the wind! Flood warning after flood warning came in on the weather, and the whole south of Scotland looked like some sort of winter wonderland. If said wonderland were run by The Joker. Who had kidnapped Mr. Freeze.

Now, this is going to sound INCREDIBLY boring, but for some reason I’ve gotten obsessed with it as of recent. I’ve actually started studying the pressure charts to try and figure out what weather’s coming our way.

It’s. Fascinating.

I mean, I’m useless at mechanics, and I’ll be the first to point out that I’m not actually an engineer any more, but even the basic level of understanding I have of this particular kind of physics is enough that I can actually interpret stuff and have my overall prediction match up with that of the Met Office’s. Which is to say, I can tell you whether or not tomorrow is going to be warm or cold, and roughly how strong the wind will be.

Does this make me a sad git? … Probably, but dammit, I’m proud to be this sad! Just think of it as a weather-themed Sudoku!

… I sense I’m not really selling this 😛 Ah well, back to drawing then I suspect!

See you all on Monday!