Hey folks! Finally, a new page of Mei Wu – sorry about the delays! It just seems as I get older, the responsibilities pile up… And that’s just work, I can’t imagine how crowded people who actually have, y’know, a partner and family as well as a job cope with pursuing art as well. Total respect to you folks, I know you’re out there!

Speaking of pursuing art, I’m in the process of trying to secure myself a spot at a local Small Press Day event so I can sell my two latest print books – trying for the big one in Glasgow right now, but it’s fairly late on in the process. I’d kick myself if I didn’t at least try, though! Hopefully if I don’t get that, there’ll be other Small Press Day events that I can latch on to locally. Fingers crossed!

Right, have a great weekend, folks, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t! See you Monday for more Mei Wu!

Ciao ciao!