Hey, happy Friday everyone, we made it! Hope you’re all doing well, and that you’ve had a fair-to-middling week. This is one of the best bits, y’know? The runup to the weekend, where possibilities are endless, and all sorts of fun and awesomeness are yet to be had!

Me, well, since you asked, I’ll be doing a bunch of stuff this weekend! I’ll be seeing the Gambler’s Guide To Dying on Saturday at the Tron Theatre, there’s an Independence Rally on Sunday that I’d like to go and sketch at, I’ll be working on stuff for our nerd media collective project (stay tuned on that by the way!) and today I shoooould be taking delivery of some hurricane glasses, so FANCY TROPICAL DRINKS AHOY!

Hope you’ve got a similarly fun-packed weekend ahead of you! In the meantime, I’m signing off, so y’all have a brilliant one and I’ll see you again on Monday for more Elf Blood!