Hola, all!

I thought, in response to my decidedly depressing post on Friday, I thought I’d counter that by just compiling a little quick list of things that are awesome right now!

– The weather’s been good enough that I’ve had to get a tower fan (which is awesome and I love more than is strictly plausible)
– I managed to get rid of all the flies in my flat
– I’ve managed to build the Elf Blood buffer up a bit, to the extent that I’ve managed to start back work on my Lemon Candies print work
– I’ve managed to get a bit more general art work done, which is nice and therapeutic
– I tidied up the flat a bit, and it really helps clear the mind, for some reason
– I had some watermelon, and watermelon is awesome.
– Work’s going not too badly.
– It’s almost time for a visit back to Glasgow!

So yes, life is good if you take time out to look for it 😀 Hopefully that counteracts the downer I left you all on last week!

In the meantime, cheerio! And I’ll see you again in a few days’ time!


P.s. Well done Andy Murray for winning Wimbledon. SCOTLAND!