Hey everybody! No page today unfortunately, as I’ve been busy working on some paid illustration work. Check it out! The good folks over at The Ferret have done some sterling work in investigating the state of gender balance and pay gap in Scotland, and asked me to provide them with images for the article.

I took some time this evening to go to the Drink’nDraw and catch up with Glasgow-based comicky folks, which was great fun. I decided to do some doodly character musings for a superhero type character I’ve got on the backburner. This hero is called “Afghan Weapon”, a middle-aged refugee whose psychic powers were unlocked by a Soviet experiment in Afghanistan when he was a young man. He spends his days now in Glasgow, rooting out drug crime in his community, protecting other refugees and asylum seekers, and dodging agents of the FSB – who want to recover their ‘property’ – and the CIA – who want to analyse him for their MKGIGa programme.

Have a great weekend, everyone!