Happy 4th of July, all you United Statesians! Hope you have a great day with the people you you love and indulge in plenty of barbecue and fireworks!

Maybe one day, Scotland too will have its own independence day. Although given our traditional weather systems I highly doubt that it will involve any outdoor activities like barbecue and fireworks 😛

It’ll be interesting to see how the Brexit situation continues… It would be quite undemocratic for parliament to ignore the advice provided by the referendum, but there is a good deal of support for a second referendum or to prevent Brexit altogether.

Meanwhile, the Tories are busy abandoning the mess they made and stabbing each other in the back over who gets to run for next Prime Minister and Labour are stabbing each other in the front over… Who honestly cares any more? They have been given every chance to show that they’re a grown-up political party capable of representing the people instead of behaving like a childish and entitled monarchy that treats its electorate as serfs existing only to support the party’s plays for power. All the while this is going on, Scotland is beginning to establish foreign relations and is already gaining allies in Europe…

Interesting times we live in, people, interesting times!