Elf Blood is two years old this week! Wow, it feels like hardly any time at all has passed!

I suppose it’s fitting enough that today is the first day I include changes to the comic based on advice given to me at last weekend’s Doki Doki convention. Flipping through the comic lets me see just how much I’ve improved over the last two years, owing no small part to the twice-weekly commitment of illustrating Elf Blood.

But, as last weekend went to show, I still have plenty to learn! And that’s the good thing about Elf Blood: Because I do it on a week-to-week basis, I can tweak it, improve it, take advice on it and let it grow organically. It’s like tending to a plant, except Elf Blood seems to have survived better than my other plants 😛

It’s quite satisfying to see how my readership has grown over the years. I started out with virtually nothing, only a few people from university reading. Having grown to over 3000 unique readers per month is, frankly, exhilirating, and it really does thrill me whenever I get to interact with you guys. It lets me know I’m entertaining you, and that’s what I live for!

So, here’s to another successful year of Elf Blood! Let’s work together to make the future of the comic bigger, better and brighter 🙂 Thanks to all of you for sticking with the comic through thick, thin, and creator meltdown! 😀

Your grateful pal,