Guess what, guys and gals! It’s the 400th page of Elf Blood ever produced! Woop! How fitting it is that I’m in the middle of improvement works during this milestone – I never want to stop making the comic better! And I’ve said this many times before, and I hope to continue saying it for years to come: You guys are what makes it all worthwhile. Knowing that you’re out there, reading this, week after week, month after month, year after year, it makes me feel brilliant that I know I’m entertaining you through my little stories!

So, in today’s experimental page, we have the following tweaks:

  • Tried to avoid characters having single-color items of clothing, to make them more visually interesting. TKO’s dress was straightforward to do, but characters with legacy outfits will probably keep theirs.
  • Upped the saturation a little bit on the background. May increase saturation just a touch more, to make the page as a whole more vibrant. Saturation will still be muted somewhat, as I quite like having the main characters and foreground objects pop; perhaps reducing the lightness of the background while increasing saturation will help?
  • Re-introduced some of the clothing lines, to indicate hard creases and visually support the shading-only soft folds.

Again, all comments are very, very welcome! Also, on a tangent, I heartily recommend Quorn chorizo-style pieces. It’s the only Quorn sandwich-filler product that I’ve had so far that doesn’t taste horrendous on its own. Eat healthy! 😀