So, today I became a homeowner! It’s a pretty awesome feeling, stepping into that empty building, seeing all the potential. I’m really looking forward to filling it up with new furniture, and the stuff that’s been sitting in my parents’ garage since I moved back from Manchester. I’m also really looking forward to digging out old comics that I’ve not seen in four years, also sitting in boxes in the garage!

I’m incredibly lucky. I’ve been fortunate enough to be in jobs that have allowed me to save up a decent amount of money, and I have the most wonderful, supportive family, that all add up to me being able to afford this place, which is pretty damn nice for a first home. I hope that, one day, everyone will be able to afford a place of their own, without having to have the substantial advantages that I have. I want to achieve that through charitable donation, and to increasing my involvement in socialist politics.

But, that will come in time. First thing’s first – let’s sort out the internets! Then I can move my stuff in and sleep on an air mattress until my bed arrives.


Have a great Easter weekend, folks! Cheerio for now, and I’ll catch you on Monday!