By the time you read this blog post, Sid Meier’s Civilisation: Beyond Earth will have been released.

And, like a chump, I didn’t book today off. Instead of getting lost in pure science-fiction fantasy, I’ll be processing organisation structures and redefining data… ’til five o’clock anyway. Then it’s Civ all the way! Aside from maybe a writing stop or two.

I love the Civilisation games. I’m not really all that good at strategy games, but I get a great amount of enjoyment from Civ. I particularly love the exploration phase – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of uncovering new terrain, and spotting new resources… and threats.

I have a glorious feeling that’ll go doubly so for Beyond Earth. As I’ve mentioned in one of my other blog posts, I absolutely adore the concept of xenoarchaeology. Exploring alien landscapes is one of my all-time favourite fantasy scenarios – Prometheus, for example, may have its flaws, but the initial sight of the new world and its mysterious constructs is almost unfathomably exciting for me.

So, my plan this weekend? Grab some art supplies, hit the swimming pool, do a bit of artwork and writing… And play the hell out of some Civ. And it will be AWESOME.

Anyone else playing Beyond Earth this weekend?