Welp, we’re well into the new year now, and it’s about time for new years’ resolutions and improvement plans to kick into gear. I started mine by going to the swimming pool this morning, for the first time in about 3 weeks.

Actually did not too badly – Didn’t come away from the pool too exhausted, and I didn’t get the headache or nausea I sometimes get after lapsing on my exercise (yeah, I’m really not that fit). For some reason, though, I couldn’t keep me eyes open through the afternoon which, as an artist, is a wee bit of a disadvantage! That, coupled with some aches in muscles that haven’t seen use over Christmas did somewhat make me feel incredibly… Bleh.

Still, it’s all in a good cause, eh? How are your New Years Resolutions coming along, anyone completely and utterly shattered all of theirs, yet?