Hey folks! Well, things are beginning to settle down a bit around here, thankfully – so that means, naturally, it’s time for me to start ramping up my artwork again 😛 I’ve got a few things I’m working on, as always, and it’s always a struggle to prioritise. Naturally, I’m moving my collaboration right to the top – you’re all going to love it when it comes out next year, the script is absolutely phenomenal. I’m talking Douglas Adam style and standard, it really is hilarious. I’ve also got an 8-pager of my own that I want to get done before next year’s conventions, which does give me a few months – which is ALWAYS less than I think it actually is! Add to that the two scripts of my own that I’m working on… Eh, I’ll find a way to fit it in, I’m sure.

I’m also practicing my colouring – while the process is maybe a bit too involved and time-consuming to use in Elf Blood, I’m hoping to start using it in my print work. It’s been a real joy to do some learning and some improving – you’ve always got to be growing, as a creator! The great thing about going to conventions is that it really does rupture your bubble (in a good way). You get to see the work that other people are doing, to compare it to your own work, and realise that you really need to up your game. And you can learn a lot from others, too, whether by supporting and analysing their work or learning from them directly.

Anyhoozles, I’ve got today off! And it’s such a nice day, I should probably go for a nice long walk down to the beach. I say beach, it’s a riverside park. Still nice, though!

Have a great weekend, folks – see you next week!