Hey folks!

Wow, what a weekend! Thought Bubble was absolutely amazing, I met so many wonderful people, sold a lot of merch, and just had such a great time! It’s quite a jump – there are so many talented and highly skilled artists out there, and I’m very much a small fish in a huge ocean now. But TBubs is so good – I didn’t leave feeling intimidated or discouraged, but so excited to do more work and practice to elevate the standard of my work up towards the truly amazing work of everyone around me!

Anyway, things return to normal next week, with the next story page of Elf Blood – Lost Pleiad! Been looking forward to cracking on with the story, and I’ve got a couple of months before my next con, so now’s the time!

Oh, also, I heard that a reader of this very comic – who I met at the con, which was so lovely and encouraging – deserves congratulations for winning a prize at the cosplay competition! I shan’t say which prize, as it might personally identify them, but suffice to say they really deserved to win and I’m so pleased for them 😀

Anyway – time to get back into the swing of things! I’ve got a lot of stuff to work on for both self-pub and for pitching… And a heck of a lot of practice to do.

And I’m looking forward to every damn second of it.

Oh, I should explain today’s image – I did this as part of an informal pre-pitch chat, presenting the early stages of Bad Gal Bodega to a potential publisher. I’m beginning to get a better feel for the characters, their appearances, and their personalities, which I hope comes through in the way I’ve illustrated them here!

From left-to-right, they are Lily Ma, Nina Ramirez, and Trixie Campbell. And they’re all badasses in their own way.

Anyways, ciao for now! Normal service resumes next week!