Hullo everyone – well, the world hasn’t quite ended yet, but I’m sure the newly assembled forces of darkness are hard at work trying to get there, so let’s just crack on in the meantime.

Just a wee reminder about me and my friends’ new project, The Gallus Geeks, a cross-media collective of Glasgow-based nerds. We’ve been putting out a few videos as of recent, and if you tune in to our YouTube channel tonight (sometime around 8 or 9 GMT) you’ll get to see me, Gavin, and Kirsteen play some Alien Isolation! Kirsteen’s been playing a lot of it, as you’ll see from the channel, but me and Gavin are complete newbs at it, so much screaming and pants-wetting terror will abound, I’m sure!

Why not subscribe to the channel, so you’ll be notified when we go online?¬†While you’re at it, you can also find us @theGallusGeeks on Twitter and gallusgeeks on Facebook, for more geeky shenanigans!

Anyway, until Monday, folks! Have a great weekend!