Hey everyone, so sorry – I’ve been in late almost every night this week, largely because there are certain people in this world who, when moving away from a job, consider it unnecessary to divulge any kind of useful information or training to the people taking over from them. There are also people in this world who consider it unnecessary to safeguard against this situation from arising by, say, training up other members of staff in certain mission-critical tools. There are yet OTHER people in this world for whom a challenge is something not to be overcome, but to be diverted somewhere, anywhere else along the change, via entitled and continuous demands not simply for assistance, but for others to simply do their jobs for them. These same people not only have the audacity to expect others to cover for their shortcomings, but also to respect THEIR hours of operation with no provision of flexibility.

In short – incompetent people are causing me grief this week, and ruining months of good client-facing work with their inability to meet a challenge. Sorry for the filler, I’m really disappointed I couldn’t get today’s page to you, as I worked really hard on the lineart. I just ran out of time and energy to do the colours, and it really should not take me two weeks just to produce one page of art. But that’s what happens when people don’t give a shit about your personal time, so long as THEY get to go home at four.

Next week, I promise.