It’s been an absolutely exhausting weekend, but one that’s been both incredibly fun and productive! Thought Bubble, the North-West’s biggest comic convention, took place this weekend. The quality of the event was shown in the truly spectacular attendance; The show was so much busier than last year, and moving through the crowd was a true task in itself! Though movement space through the exhibition hall was somewhat limited, it never felt restrictive, the attendees carrying with them a sense of real excitement.

I myself spent much of the day sitting in on panels, and they did not dissapoint. Self-Publishing, Distribution, Economics, Lettering, all informative and presented by excellent and knowledgable experts in the field. I even got the chance to follow up on the advice I received last week, and from that I tried a new shading technique. I’d love to hear what you think of it!

Anyway, back to the real world and time to go to bed. If there’s one thing that I’ve taken from the convention, it’s a greater determination and drive to improve and succeed in comics. Maybe one day I won’t have to trudge into an office in the early hours of the morning!

Ever the dream my friends, ever the dream.

Catch y’all later!