Now, I’ve written about food before, and I’m sure that in my previous writing on the subject I’ve probably given the (very accurate) impression that I friggin love making and consuming tasty food. I’m fortunate enough to be blessed with friends and family who are of the same opinion and motive.

Last weekend, I made a little trip back up to Glasgow, and stopped in to cook dinner with a couple of friends as an alternative to a night out. One friend took it upon himself to make a timelapse video of us making the food, which turned out pretty awesomely and I might link to if the others give their permission to do so. While the camera was positioned fairly far away, we discussed it and came to the conclusion that it would be quite good to produce more timelapses of us preparing more meals.

What I’m interested in is knowing whether or not there’s an audience for that kind of thing? Kind of like a “Let’s Cook” video, almost. New recipes, of our own creation, maybe once a week alternating between one of two of us (as we’re geographically separated)? Would we have to specialise, or would a theme of ‘food in general’ suffice to draw in viewers?

Let me know what you think! And enjoy today’s comic in the meantime 😀