Morning all, just a quick update as I have to dash off to work shortly (I shifted around my sleep schedule so that I had some proper sleep and woke up earlier to finish today’s page).

I found a photo of the float I helped design at the Manchester Day Parade; Rather sadly (or fortunately for the internet at large), I’m at the corner diametrically opposite the camera. It’s not my photo, so I’ll link it rather than copying and hosting it:

The blog it’s hosted on takes a reasonably dim view of the parade as a whole, which is a shame, and the report on it is somewhat inaccurate and misguided, the prime points I feel being that the float DID address the problems we had to overcome in terms of climate change, arranged at the bottom in the dark clouds so as to show that the company was building upwards to elevate society above globalisation, overpopulation, climate change, global warming etc. and the fact that the company is a huge multinational, it’s fairly obvious that its overall aim is towards profit and does not take into account internal programmes and employee attitudes.

However, that’s just my opinion, and as an employee I’m somewhat naturally biased. I encourage you to read the blog and come to your own conclusions! Right, time to head off for the day. Have a good weekend, y’all!