So, recently I’ve been thinking about my non-comic art, and how to develop it further. I’m fairly proficient at landscapes, while my human representation could definitely use practice. What I’d REALLY like to do, though, is to turn my skills towards the fantastic. Rather than simply take the landscape and transfer it to medium (in my case, mostly ink-on-foamboard), what I want to do is exercise my imagination like I do in my comics.

However, I’d also like to work towards being able to sell off pieces. With landscape art, audience is relatively simple; Illustrate famous local landmarks or iconic scenes, market them to locals looking for recognisably local art or to souvenir-seeking tourists (neither of which, I should point out, I’ve actually done – save for the illustrations of Hong kong I gifted to my parents). While my skill level on these may be reasonable, it just doesn’t feel that these pieces really give a massive amount back to the (potential) buyer. Whereas, with a more fantastic subject, you can incorporate more in the way of story, or symbolism, or subtext. Or hell, just do something appealingly weird.

What would draw you to buy a picture? I know everyone has different personal preferences, but I’d still like to hear what people look for in a piece of artwork!