In the cold, damp darkness of January, I think it can sometimes get a little tough just trying to survive day to day – Everbody’s knackered after Christmas and New Year, nobody has any money left over, and the only people who seem to have any motivation are management, who are busy trying to figure out how to cram twice as much work as last year into the same space of time.

Especially when coupled with setbacks and frustrations, both in my personal life and my art career, it’s very easy to get a little down right about now. The trick to survival is, as I have learned over the years, simple: Don’t let it.

Now, although the aim is simple, it isn’t necessarily easy. The mind is a tricky thing to tame, especially when you’re haunted by the likes of depression and anxiety. But taking the time to look back over your past successes, whether they’re as great as being part of an award-winning team, or as small as just noticing little improvements in your work, and realising that all comes from you, and the hard work that you do – you can fend off the cold and the darkness. You can keep making steps forward, even if you fall down from time to time.

Catch you all next Friday for an actual, scheduled Elf Blood Extra, as we move on to Block 2 of the Lost Pleiad arc! Have a great weekend, everybody! đŸ˜€