Welp, that’s another birthday come and gone. Remember at the start of last week when I laid out all the plans I had to work on creative projects? Yeah, didn’t get any of that accomplished. As it turns out, when your birthday rolls around, people want to see you. Damn social life!

On the plus side, I am now in possession of a Wii U, which is inordinate amounts of fun. I particularly enjoyed one moment that occurred on Friday, when a pal was attempting a power-swing in Wii-U tennis, and wound up absolutely smacking my chandelier fixture. First time I’ve actually hosted people in my new house, and while I’ll be glad to get back into the normal routine, it was really nice to be sociable for a change!

Anyway, I’d better run off now. I’m going back to an incredibly busy week at work, hurray – the sooner I can get regular writing and art work, the better!

Toodleoo for now!