I don’t think I say it enough, but you guys are truly awesome. And I’m not just talking about propping up my ego by reading Elf Blood: I genuinely mean that you guys are a cut above the average internet commenter. I noticed on another webcomic I happened to peruse literally the comment ‘Yay, underboobs!’ with no hint of irony whatsoever. It pains me to imagine the kind of person who might conjure forth that sort of enlightened remark.

You guys aren’t like that, though. You’re supportive, you’re smart, you’re challenging, and you’re not afraid to call me out. Even though I sometimes quash such endevaours by accident through my desire to be helpful and informative, I really do love it when you start wondering what’s going to happen in the story! If I can fire your imaginations and get you asking questions (the right ones, of course!), then my job has been done.

Anyway, time to go and finish off making my truffles. I’ve got two batches in this round: One of coffee truffles, and one of rum truffles. The coffee truffles are by and far my favourite 🙂

Ciao for now!