Hullo again, everybody! Sorry about the lack of a proper article on Friday’s post; I may have been enjoying a wheat beer given to me by one of my erstwhile colleagues as a leaving present, and utterly forgot to update the damn thing with actual words…

I’m back! I’m back in Scotland, back in Glasgow, and it is so immensely brilliant to be here! My friends, my family, so many of my best loved people and places now within easy travelling distance! The city itself, the wonderful denizens of the dear green place… It’s all just so brilliant 😀

Rest assured, Glasgow pals, I’ll organise a get-together for all of us!

And don’t worry, dear readers, the art factory is back up and running already! In the meantime, though, please enjoy today and Friday, courtesy of my good pal, writing companion, and faithful reader, Masati. He’s got his own take of the Shanna-Fliss-Carlita relationship, and… Well, read on to find out!

Cheerio, and I’ll see you on Friday!