It’s Friday, and as usual I’m a sleep deprived wreck. Fortunately, several things have added up to make me a particularly happy sleep-deprived wreck today!

1) I got my hardcopy proof back from the printers for Memecasters #1, my first ever printed work! It feels great to hold a physical comic in your hands after years of doing the online thing. It feels like I’ve reached a real new level, although the artwork itself is a year old. It marks the start of a new phase for me, especially as now I’ve gotten over my jitters about never having printed before. I’m looking forward to receiving the final product in just over a week!

2) I’m on ‘holiday’ next week. By which I mean I’ll still be keeping normal work hours and using that time to illustrate. It’ll be fun, but not an actual proper restful holiday!

3) Prometheus comes out tonight! It looks pretty awesome, and I’m a huge fan of the adventure genre, particularly when it comes to exploring the ruins of ancient and advanced civilisations, or discovering new terrain (hence my love of Civ and Civ 5’s Ancient Ruins)

4) The weather is quite pleasantly summery and is in fact getting to the stage of being ‘too warm’. Fun experiment: Saturate water with salt and freeze in a plastic bottle in the fridge (leave some room for expansion). Once frozen, take out and just leave it in the room. Observe as the condensation in the air freezes on the surface of the bottle due to the incredible coldness of the salt ice!

5) DayZ has seen some intriguing updates. I’m absolutely desperate to find a Ghillie suit now so that I can provide better overwatch to my teammates.

6) Lemon Candies, my graphic novel project, is coming along nicely. I’ve gotten to the truly violent parts, and I think I’ve managed to make them both visceral and relatively tasteful.

7) I’ve got some awesome Chow Dai Mein in. Seriously, those are some tasty noodles.

Anyway, I think that about wraps it up for my various excitement factors for now! Best be scuttling off to bed so that I don’t sleep in tomorrow; plenty of programming and scripting still to be done! Also, if anyone could inform me if the French I’ve used in today’s page needs to be fixed, please do so! My French is not what it used to be, and it was pretty terrible even when it was what it used to be.