It’s still a few weeks away from the end of the Crush Depth story arc, but I’ve got to say I’m thoroughly enjoying writing the Mei Wu story and am looking forward to drawing it immensely! I’ve expanded the page count to 15 pages, so it should run for around two months, before the next arc of Elf Blood starts up again! Look forward to that one; it’s mostly action, with a smattering of emotion, and plenty of ass-kicking.

Mei Wu itself is shaping up nicely. I’m almost done with the first draft, and the second draft should weed out some inconsistencies in character motivations. I really like the Ash-Gwen dynamic; it’s actually quite similar to how I originally envisioned Fliss-Mara interactions. Because it’s the first issue, I’m having fun planting little seeds of future character development here and there, too!

I’ve also been thinking about what would be good to add into the print edition of Mei Wu to reward people who buy it. Extra artwork is the obvious go-to, and will definitely be present, but I think something more interesting or innovative would really just hit the spot, so stay tuned for some suggestions, once I’ve done a bit of thinking!

Right, I’d best be off for now, enjoy today’s page and I’ll catch you again on Monday!