Hey all!

Hope you’re all doing okay, and that everybody’s well and keeping themselves occupied! I was doing a bit of idle research today, for an idea that I’ll get to work on in about fifty years’ time no doubt. But I discovered something really cool! Have you heard of Forest Farming? It’s such an incredibly cool concept that allows for large tracts of land to be used for agriculture while sustaining a diverse, almost natural ecosphere! Now, I’m sure that it probably has lower yields and higher costs than conventional agriculture, but I really like the idea of being able to use the land within a forest for sustainable crop growing, and that it’s something that we might be able (or possibly be pushed to) practice in the future. A canopy of trees providing us with oxygen, managed carefully by well-trained and knowledgable workers who trim the crowns, letting enough sunlight reach the slightly tilled soil to germinate new crops. Doesn’t that sound almost idyllic?

Maybe we’re too invested in destructive means of growth for us to do that on a large scale. But at least I can capture a little bit of the essence of that in an ancient culture that chooses not to clear the forest but to build within it, of it, and to feed its citizens through intelligent use of their environment. And, even if I don’t get to work on the concept just yet, it’s still really fun to do some worldbuilding in the meantime!

Stay safe everyone, wash your hands and wipe down your shopping with soapy water!