Now, I’m sure many of you are wondering what direction I’m going to take this in, or even what the hell I’m doing putting this storyline in, in the middle of SKO’s quest to avenge the murders of Charlie-3.

The B-Story is not only a method by which we can extend primary plots (although Dreamland needed very little stretching if I’m honest), it gives us breathers, refreshes our interest in the story as a whole, and more importantly, lets us explore the lives and personalities of characters tangential or unrelated to the main story. Character development, in other words.

I love Fliss. She’s one of my favourite characters, and a leftover from when I planned out Prodigy (ask me if you don’t know what that is). While Mara is the introspective, more serious aspect of me, Fliss represents the part of me that loves fun and wants to do what she wants, and cares for everyone; she’s a free spirit. Originally, when I first conceived the idea that Mara would go and join the Council, Fliss was going to die permanently, and Mara was going to become a villain. This would’ve been some time before I started drawing the first Elf Blood strips.

I genuinely felt horrible. I felt empty, really hollow, like I personally had murdered her. I toyed with the idea of just leaving the pair alone completely, but that gave no tension whatsoever. I balked at the idea of killing her and bringing her back because, let’s face it, what comic hasn’t done that? But, doing so afforded me a number of future plot hooks, which I quite enjoyed and developed, so it stayed.

Fliss’ sexual orientation was something I established very shortly after updating the original Prodigy Fliss for Elf Blood. I can’t explain exactly WHY I chose for her to be a lesbian, it’s more accurate to say that Fliss, the character, already WAS. Even though she was, at the start of Elf Blood, a youngster with little interest in sex and sexuality, those nascent pearls were already there, just waiting for her to grow into adulthood and discover them herself. You can pick up little bits of it throughout the years, if you look carefully; If you’re REALLY paying attention, you’ll know that she’s already involved with somebody. But sh! Keep that a secret until it’s revealed! I shall not answer on speculation yet! 😀

Ciao for now, all!