Now, since the independence referendum and the run-up to the recent General Election, I think it’s safe to say that the Labour Party have not been my favourite political group on the planet – I’ve found their rhetoric, their tactics, and their lack of ability (or indeed desire) to provide adequate opposition to the Tory government.

However, a lot of my friends in England still adhere to Labour, because otherwise there is no real credible force for the left wing to attach themselves to. I had high hopes for the Green party in England, to help restore a left wing bent to politics in the region, but sadly they just didn’t have the clout to convince people. And so a lot of voters stuck with Labour, because of what the party stood for in the past, and represented.

But recent days have seen troubling occurrences. Having lost a substantial number of seats, Labour seeks a new leader. There a four candidates for the role: Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall, and Jeremy Corbyn. Burnham, Cooper, and Kendall fit in with the right-wing, neoliberal “New Labour” ideal, whereas Corbyn is more of an old-fashioned Leftist. Seeing as how we already have a right-wing, neoliberal party in the Conservative party (Tories), the naturally left-leaning body of Labour voters seem to be drifting towards Corbyn – mainly, it seems, young people who are disaffected with the rightward drift of British politics.

But Labour can’t be having that. Instead of accepting their groundswell of new members and adhering to the democratic process of the newly introduced “one voter, one vote” system (radical, I know), the three right-wing candidates are clubbing together, denigrating their left-wing colleague and generally behaving like spoiled children. If Corbyn wins, they say, the party will never get back into power. If Corbyn wins, they say, they will immediately overthrow and replace him. Only morons vote for Corbyn, they say.

It’s gotten to the point where the Party Police are conducting this weird, Soviet-like purge of their voter ranks. People who are deemed to ‘not support the party’s values’ are written to and informed that their vote will be rendered null and void, and that they will not be able to participate in the leadership election for the party they have joined and paid dues for. What’s worse, this vote suspension is RETROACTIVE, meaning that if you already voted, they can TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU. Added to the fact that the vote itself is clearly not anonymous, and you have a severely authoritarian system that Orwell himself could not have imagined in battle-forged fever dreams.

But you know what? I actually kind of hope that Corbyn loses. Because that will justify the righteous anger of the Left. It will galvanise them to action, and to throw off the pockmarked hide of New Labour and its odious associations. The left in England can rise again, phoenix-like, from this split, and begin to represent the workers, the poor, the downtrodden, the people as a whole. They could provide us, the SNP, with a loose alliance on social matters in Westminster, and with effective opposition in any future independence referendum.

More and more, I remember the time when I was younger – thinking it would be great if we lived in a Cyberpunk world. Then we arrived here. That was a mistake.

Anyway, have a great weekend folks, and I’ll catch you later on! Ciao!