Don’t get me wrong: I friggin love CSI. My favourite by far is CSI Miami, pretty much purely because of Horatio. He’s a badass mofo, right up there with Hercule Poirot.

I’ve never done any detailed analysis on the writing in CSI, normally I just have them on in the background while I draw or write. Every once in a while though, one just catches my attention. Today it’s an episode about a bomber targetting the bomb squad, and as much as I love the show I’m not sure about this episode. I mean, in every show, you’re going to find yourself shouting things at the screen if somebody does something blatantly stupid, but when a bomb disposal expert tells Horatio that they’ll catch up over beers later BEFORE GOING INTO A HOUSE TO DEFUSE A BOMB has really just dug their own grave. NAAAAAARGH!

Of course, this begs the interesting question: Is this a form of dramatic irony by now, that we can tell the classic cop show outcomes of stock phrases? Or is it simply cliche, a tired device which writers by now should be familiar enough with to be wary of including?

Eh, what the hell. I still enjoyed the show. Perhaps it’s folly to read too much into things. Sometimes you just have to suspend your disbelief, and on occasion rational thought, to experience the joy drama can bring us.

And that’s my two cents!