I’ve been thinking about something: Why don’t we have a Chinese comedy show here in the UK? (Non-UKians, consider the following shows required watching as they are HILARIOUS) Indian and Pakistani humour’s been represented by Goodness Gracious Me, Scottish Humour’s had an excellent run with Chewin’ The Fat and Still Game; Why don’t we have a sketch show involving Chinese humour?

It’s not as if we’re a small minority. Most every large city here has a Chinatown, and a sizeable portion of any office (stereotypically enough, especially technical and scientific offices) will be of Chinese extraction.

Perhaps that’s just it: I know plenty of Chinese engineers, researchers, accountants and whatnot, but only one or two who’ve made a career in the creative arts. Most of my uncles are engineers, and my aunt was a scientist. Is there, in fact, some sort of self-imposed barrier to Chinese people getting involved in writing, art, music etc?

It’s almost certainly not a culturual thing. Just look at the plethora of wonderful paintings, sculptures, jewellery, poetry and music that China has produced. Clearly, there is a place for the arts in our culture, but why is it not as prominent as in others? I mean, I can’t actually name a single Chinese standup comedian active in the UK. But they must exist, right? So why aren’t they more prominent?

Anyway, these are just my thoughts. Who knows, maybe I’ll one day get the chance to contribute to some Chinese comedy one day.

I just need to learn how to be funny, first. Gods help us if we have to wait until I’m funny before we get our own sketch show.

Joi gin!