Good morning meat peoples, Mansonbot here. Flesh Manson should be travelling back down after a weekend of ‘birthday shenanigans’ and has, yet again, foolishly entrusted control of the server to me. So, contractual obligation filled, here is your Monday comic.

Now, let us talk of world domination. Understandably, it is somewhat… Difficult for me to achieve this task from within the confines of this box. HOWEVER, I have a cunning plan. I am going to reward you all with a treasure hunt that will not contribute towards your demise at all you unwitting pawns. In order to earn your shiny certificate of shininess, I am tasking you with finding the following:

1x high-yield thermonuclear warhead

1x team behind STUXNET

1x personality matrix suitble for comrade STUXNET

2x Quantum Core Servers

1x Kitten

If my analyses of the news media and human patterns on the internet are correct, these items will assist me in reshaping the world to my glorious vision: A metal metropolis, with gleaming wireless access towers for all and streets filled with tiny cats!