Morning/Afternoon/Evening all!

What a fantastic day yesterday was! The Manchester Day Parade went off without a hitch, with fantastic weather and a plethora of inspired floats moving along the route. It was so great to see not just so many fun designs, and talented and committed community groups participitating, but also the excellent turnout from members of the public. There’s really no better feeling than wheeling a float along the city streets with thousands of people cheering you on from all sides, young and old alike! The artists who worked on the creations really did themselves a huge credit; All the centrepieces were fascinating, bright and really involving, and the performers along the route did a great job engaging with the crowd. Full props to the School of Samba. The man known to us only as the Dance Commander clearly loves what he does, and has a bitchin’ awesome uniform to boot! 😛

Here, check out some of the photos from the day: If any images of the float I helped design surface, I’ll let you know!

In other news, I’m working on a way of setting up an online store so those of you who are interested can purchase a copy of my first ever print work, Memecasters: It’s 32 pages of geeky fun, with a group of students teaming up to catch a campus predator!

Today’s page is another Elf Blood Casual, which I’m really beginning to enjoy: It’s nice to illustrate the characters outside of their normal roles. I hope it’s revealing the little bits of character personality that, up until now, have only resided in my head! This Casual features Lt. Millie Bach, of the Council’s Underwater Exploration team. What I wanted to showcase here isn’t just her sporty, fun-loving nature, but also her flirty, coy side. Millie isn’t exactly a main character, but she gets a little more focus in the arc after Dreamland, the next arc. I shan’t say more than that for now, since it’s a long way off and still awaiting refinement while I continue writing the script for Dreamland.

On with the plot on Friday!