Hey everyone! Sorry to let you all down again, but it’s been incredibly busy at the old day job as of recent… Hoping it’ll calm down soon, though. In the meantime, please have a look at this thing I was dabbling with at Glasgow Drink & Draw last night, just some idle character design for a game concept that’s been bouncing around my head for a bit. Kind of an exploratory puzzle game, where you are a protector of a town’s dreams, and it’s your job to go into their dreams at night to protect them from nightmares. You would even be able to find information in their dreams to affect stuff in the real world during the day to help solve problems for the townspeople, and vice-versa. The lady would be the protagonist, wielding a dreamblade to help fight the baddies. The teddy is actually another dream guardian, a human in the real world but sees himself as a teddy bear in the dreamworld. The sheepies are just cute, I think they’d just dot the landscape or be collectible powerups or something. Oh, and you’d be able to interact with ghosts in the real world as well, as they’re kind of suspended between reality and dreamtime – when you die, you can no longer sleep unless you pass on, and you’ll need to help the ghosts solve problems so they can pass on and rest again.

Obviously this won’t be worked on anytime soon 😛 But it’s a concept I quite like, so maybe one day I’ll get a prototype made or something!

Anyway, have a good weekend everyone – hopefully more story next week, but do bear in mind I’ll be at London MCM next weekend so I’ll be prepping for that as well!