Ello all,

Have you guys heard about this DayZ mod for ArmA II? I’ve been playing a bit of it with one of my friends, and it’s pretty awesome!

Basically, the gist of the game is that you and a whole mess of other survivors are on an island that’s been overrun by a zombie infection. Aaaaand that about covers it, good luck and go make your own fun!

It’s much, much more involved than that of course. It’s actually quite similar to STALKER in many ways, being a vast open wasteland with structures hiding supplies and weapons, and the prospect of that other player you spotted in the distance either being someone you could go to for help in the event of zombie attack, or a bandit waiting for a chance to kill you and take your stuff. It’s a very desolate and tense game, with every player interaction charged with high nerves. It’s quite an experience to go from being shot at by another survivor, quite by surprise, making the decision to leave him to his death at the hands of the zombies he attracted, and drag your beaten-up carcass a mile and a half through dark, blurry forest, guided only by the voice on the other end of your teamspeak connection, as you both vaguely guess where your current location is. Sneaking past zombies, circling around potentially threatning players, challenging unknowns and the horrible feeling of being all out of ammo and meds; It’s a damn thrilling mod, and certainly well-worth looking into. I’d advise playing it with friends though, as it’s a lonely wasteland out there and you’re gonna need all the support you can get.

Oh, and one additional thought: Has anyone noticed how my pixies are much more hardcore than most modern fictional vampires? 😛 /troll

Catch you all later!