Hello everyone, I do apologise for the lack of comic for today – I basically had a choice of rushing a terrible page for today, or holding it over ’til Monday and doing a good job. So please enjoy these ink pieces that I’m practicing with – I have a plan to do a series of drawings and washes depicting modern takes on figures from classical Greek mythology and history.

It’s been a very tough week – work’s been absolutely hectic, filled with multiple deadlines and many nights staying late in the office. Hell, I even worked twelve hours yesterday, not something I do often. Any other week I’d consider this enough reason to be jaded by the end of the week, but this week had two extra kicks in the calendar: least of my worries, I interviewed for a new job (within the same company); and right at the front of my mind at all times this week, my Mum went in for heart surgery.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again and again: We are so freakin’ lucky to have the NHS here. My Mum was diagnosed quickly, was scheduled for surgery quickly, and was given the option for minimally invasive surgery that was faster and safer than a regular bypass. Her room was clean, her food was relatively edible (for mass-produced food), and she was in good health and good spirits throughout. The operation was a success, and she came home today. The day after she had heart surgery.

Medicine is awesome, and the people who look after our health are more awesome still. The advances made in technology over the years mean so many more people are alive today who we might have lost earlier. The dedication of medical staff, doctors, nurses, support staff, researchers – no matter what Westminster says or does, you are highly valued by the country. Without your hard work, your sacrifice, we would be so much worse off. Thank you.

Oh, and one last thing – I got my new job! So it’ll be a bit of a phase from now until early December, but I’m hoping it’ll allow me to get back into a better work-life balance, and get back to working hard not only on the webcomic, but on my other artwork and comics as well. The only thing that would top this week off perfectly would be if the good chaps at Blackhearted Press got back to me tomorrow…

Anyway, I’d better hit the hay now – I’ve just got to survive another workday, then it’s the weekend, and I can properly recover from such a stressful week.

Toodlepip, all!