It’s birthday time again, woohoo! Just another day of work to survive, then I’m off for a few days – so far as I’m concerned, a very well earned few days off. What will I be up to over the break I hear you ask? Well, here’s a little list!

– Daytrip up past Loch Lomond for scenery and delicious seafood.
– Dinner with my family (haven’t decided where yet)
– Revising and completing a competition entry short story (with many thanks to Fallible)
– Completing the first draft of another competition entry short
– Finishing off the last two story pages of my comic for submission
– Slaying Black Gravios and advancing to Hunter Rank 6
– Practicing my curry
– Generally hanging out with my pals

Will I get all of it done? Who knows! But it’ll be fun while it lasts 🙂

Cheerio for now, and see you on Friday!